Whether you’re purchasing a new property or considering the benefits that your own provides, the kitchen is one area that is always important. Not only just a place to prepare food, your kitchen provides you with a sense of comfort, a space of socializing and much more. There’s a reason why properties with ideal kitchens are viewed as higher value and our experts are here to provide you with the services necessary to do so with yours.

Kitchen Renovations, Remodeling and Design with Custom Cabinetry

About Us

We have been bringing quality kitchen remodel and renovation services to the Barrie area for many years, delivering the widest selection of options when it comes to small kitchen design and having access to the necessary products and services to deliver on your vision. Throughout the entirety of our services, our professionals are always working closely with you to ensure that we have your wants in mind at all times and are continually striving to deliver a result that provides comfort and pride. When you need the assistance of dedicated experts for your upcoming kitchen renovation, you can depend on us.


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Barrie Kitchen Renovations - Custom Cabinets 2
Barrie Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Renovations 2
Barrie Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Design 2

The range of services that we bring to the Barrie area provide you with the capability to properly treat every aspect of your kitchen renovation and remodeling. Whether you’re looking for kitchen renovation ideas, need the assistance of a professional for design or have your own ideas in mind and are looking to ensure that they are carried out to the letter, choosing to lean on the expertise that Barrie Kitchen Renovations brings to your needs will ensure that you get the right result. Our experts are here to turn your mental vision into a reality within your home.

Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Cabinets

Barrie Kitchen Renovations

If you’re looking for service that will provide your kitchen with the facelift you need, modernizing your space and refreshing the look and feel of your Barrie area kitchen, looking into the kitchen renovation services that we provide will ensure that you get the results you need. Whether you have your own ideas or want to look through the kitchen renovations before & after that our experts have carried out, a simple phone call will get you there.

Kitchen Remodeling

If the transformative services you’re looking for are more in-depth, such as replacing or adding specific fixtures or placements of items within your kitchen, then looking into the kitchen remodel services that we provide will deliver on the results you’re looking for. We are dedicated not only to bringing you the look but also the practicality that you need within your kitchen installation, providing you with the best of both worlds.

Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets play both a practical and aesthetic role within your home and ensuring that you have the right look and utility delivered by these installations is important. We provide you with a wide range of choice when it comes to the material and finish of your kitchen cabinets, bringing specialty offerings and much more in order to ensure that your storage space is one that serves a multitude of purposes within your kitchen.

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Barrie Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Remodeling 1
Barrie Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Cabinets 1

Kitchen Design
Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Design

When looking for assistance with your small kitchen design or need assistance with kitchen renovation ideas, we provide you with the most experienced renovation professionals within the Barrie area in order to turn your ideas into reality. The work that we complete is something that you will have to live with for years to come and we continually ensure that we deliver on your needs by putting a high level of attention into every service.


From granite countertops to resurfacing services, we provide you with a wide range of choice when it comes to these utility spaces. Whether you need assistance with the initial installation or are looking for a replacement countertop material to provide you with the perfect finish, making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out our experts at Barrie Kitchen Renovations will provide you with the capability to have the right surfaces across your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets

Though we provide a wide range of choice when it comes to kitchen cabinet design and material, we understand that some of our clients are looking for a more custom finish. This is where our design professionals work closely with you in order to ensure that we can properly blueprint your upcoming installation and provide you with a truly personalized custom kitchen cabinet service. Whatever the ideas you have in mind, you can depend on our experts to bring it to life.

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Barrie Kitchen Renovations - Countertops 1
Barrie Kitchen Renovations - Custom Cabinets 1

Contact Us Today

When you choose to pick up the phone to call into the offices of Barrie Kitchen Renovations, you can count on immediacy and accessibility when it comes to speaking directly with one of our professionals. We are here to bring you the kitchen renovation quotes you need, to answer your kitchen renovation questions and to deliver on your need for quick and reliable service booking. We do away with any of the unnecessary interruptions to communication and instead focus on providing you immediacy in the services we provide and the ability to move forward with your plans and confidence.

“I have been considering changing the look and feel of my kitchen cupboards for a few months now and eventually decided to call Barrie Kitchen Renovations. They were great from the moment they picked up the phone, provided me with a lot of options and booked my service quickly.” – Ian H.

“I had a lot of kitchen renovation questions before moving forward with any service choices, when I called Barrie Kitchen Renovations, they took the time to answer everything without hesitation. You can tell that they really enjoy their work and are very knowledgeable about the services they provide.” – Kelly J.

“Working with the kitchen design professionals at Barrie Kitchen Renovations was great. They really listen to my input and provided me with the information I needed in order to carry out my own vision. I don’t think I would’ve got the same result if I went with another company.” – Paul R.

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